Who are we?

Niki Education was born from pure love of teaching, educational experience and designers who love to design.

As well as building educational products for the purpose of language learning and the advancement of education, we are on a path to educate people just like us who want to build something new, who want to teach.

We are all teachers.  We are all educators of our life experiences and learning.  I say, we share that knowledge between teachers, and build a solid foundation in which to proceed.

My mother always said “Speak as you wish to be spoken to”, so we design as our students want to design to.  Our exciting range of games such as Babanukibet (Visit the baba) is built on two core values.

  1. Is it Educational? – what is its purpose?
  2. Is it fun?  Whats the point of playing a game if its not fun.

Our games are made to be excitingly fun, fun to play, but high in educational value.  We will be releasing guides on how we do what we do sometime in the future, because we also want teachers to be involved.

We will be releasing more and more games as we go.  Currently we have 3 other games on the print list, and 16 in development, all the way from basic phonic beginners to business English!

Get involved, contact us, buy a baba, and enjoy the upcoming christmas holiday!

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