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Learning to read just become even more fun

Choose a colour, put on your space suit, check your lasers, feed your pet lion and get ready to launch, its battle space! One of our most exciting games, this game allows students to practise various combinations of phonic reading while playing a very exciting game! Teams must choose how many cards, junken (rock scissors paper), choose a colour then read the mix of letters they have. The concept of reading, something we’ve learnt first hand at one of David Paul’s teaching seminars here:

Crazy testers for crazy racers

We are ready to publish out next game, and exciting board game which has a course that changes every time you play! How exciting is that! Currently we have two levels, one for Phonics/alphabet and one for English questions, with fold up cars you receive in the box and giant pigs! With random jump points, and the opportunity for lots of expansion, this is a game we are quite excited about. Here’s the thing We are looking for testers of our game, and each

Alphabet or Phonics?

Where ever you teach English, there is always a debate about which is better to help students read, learning the Alphabet, or learning Phonics. There are countless studies to support the merits of both, pros and cons to both sides and a lot of experts of each. Would you agree, that’s is a good idea to teach both? The real question should be, “when” or “how” do we teach it, that’s what we should be focusing on, which should we teach first, do we

Who are we?

Niki Education was born from pure love of teaching, educational experience and designers who love to design. As well as building educational products for the purpose of language learning and the advancement of education, we are on a path to educate people just like us who want to build something new, who want to teach. We are all teachers.  We are all educators of our life experiences and learning.  I say, we share that knowledge between teachers, and build a solid foundation in which to