Alphabet or Phonics?

Where ever you teach English, there is always a debate about which is better to help students read, learning the Alphabet, or learning Phonics.
There are countless studies to support the merits of both, pros and cons to both sides and a lot of experts of each.
Would you agree, that’s is a good idea to teach both? The real question should be, “when” or “how” do we teach it, that’s what we should be focusing on, which should we teach first, do we teach it at the same time, how do we teach it in a way students actually benefit from it. We don’t claim to be experts at this, and I offer an open platform to anyone who would like to share their knowledge and experience on this subject.

We do believe however that the alphabet and phonics both have very different purposes.
The alphabet allows us to write and communicate through various mediums.
Phonics is a toolset that allows us to give written words a method of saying the word.
So would you agree, that we should learn phonics first? To give students the ability to read letters phonetically, three, four even five letter words.
Again this is a hot topic, and I welcome all views and experiences to join in the debate. For those of you looking for a game that supports both phonic and alphabet teaching and learning styles, why not check out our babanukibet games, a muti levelled game for beginners to encourage speaking and learning. (Or perhaps, you want something a little more advanced for blending and group games, check out our battlespace)

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